Best Affordable Golf Clubs - 2022

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Louis Pringle
Aug 19, 2022
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This Value Bag is built from pre-loved golf clubs of our selection. We’ve highlighted these clubs for their affordability and their ability to fit any player's game. Please keep in mind that these prices are accurate as of the release date of this article and that taxes are not included in the price displayed below.

Building an affordable set of clubs to play golf is often difficult for beginners, or if you’re buying your first set of clubs. Lucky for beginners and the rest of these golfers, there are alternatives to the expensive prices of brand-new golf clubs.

That’s right! Instead of spending sky-high prices for brand-new golf clubs, beginners and other golfers alike can turn to pre-loved golf clubs as an affordable solution. For a fraction of the price, you get to put your hands on golf clubs that still have a lot to offer.

To help you make up your mind, Golf Avenue has some very affordable suggestions to allow you to build a set of clubs for less than $750.

This affordable golf clubs guide will allow you:

  • Build a club set with six affordable golf club options
  • Understand how each one of these golf clubs can benefit you on the course
  • Learn how to put together an affordable set of golf clubs

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TaylorMade R7 Quad Driver

The TaylorMade R7 Quad driver was one of the first in the world to introduce adjustable weights on the clubhead of a driver. The adjustable weights allow golfers to adjust their positioning based on the desired ball trajectory.

You’re struggling with a slice off the tee? Focus the weight on the heel of the club. You’re having a hard time with a hook? Move the heavier weight closer to the toe of the club. Plus, the smaller clubhead might help put some golfers at ease, especially the ones who are intimidated by larger clubheads.

What you’ll like about the TaylorMade R7 Quad Driver:

  • Adjustable weights on the sole of the club head to adapt ball trajectory
  • Smaller clubhead which is lighter and easier to hit
  • Can suit any level of players from beginners to scratch golfers

Shop the TaylorMade R7 Quad Driver

TaylorMade Burner High Launch Fairway Wood

The TaylorMade Burner High Launch fairway wood is the perfect club for beginner golfers who struggle to get the ball off the ground with their fairway wood. If you’ve tried every single fairway wood tip in the book and still can’t find success using it, this is the club for you.

With its extra loft angle in the face of the club head, the Burner High Launch will allow golfers to lift the ball off the ground with ease as the higher launch angle in the club face will naturally project the ball higher up in the air.

What you’ll like about the TaylorMade Burner High Launch Fairway Wood:

  • Higher loft angle in the clubface to project the ball higher
  • The higher loft in the clubface makes ground strikes easier than ever
  • Can be used by golfers of any skill level from beginners to highly experienced golfers

Shop the TaylorMade Burner High Launch Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Rescue Mid Hybrid

The TaylorMade Rescue Mid hybrid will be the go-to for many beginners and less experienced players. The bridge between fairway woods and irons, hybrids like the Rescue Mid are perfect for golfers who struggle with their longer irons but love their fairway woods.

Hybrids like the Rescue Mid will allow you to hit strikes that will have similar results to irons while getting to get that smooth fairway wood feeling throughout your swing. Also, hybrids are the perfect golf clubs to get you out of any troubles you could find yourself into on the course.

What you’ll like about the TaylorMade Rescue Mid Hybrid:

  • Perfect golf club from any location on the golf course
  • Ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds like beginners, less experienced, and older golfers
  • Can serve as a smooth swinging alternative to your long irons

Shop the TaylorMade Rescue Mid Hybrid

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Iron Set

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed iron set is a terrific option for beginners who are looking to build a set of golf clubs on a budget. On top of being very affordable, even in the new condition, they are designed to cater to the needs of beginners and less experienced golfers.

This includes an offset design of the clubhead near the hosel to help counter the slice trajectory which often plagues the iron strikes of many golfers. If you still struggle with a slice even with all the help from your clubs, you will want to consider looking into using some iron drills.

What you’ll like about the Cobra F-Max Airspeed Iron Set:

  • Offset near the hosel to cancel out the slice trajectory
  • Lightweight golf clubs that are easier to handle for beginners
  • Thicker clubheads for more forgiveness on impact

Shop The Cobra F-Max Airspeed Iron Set

TaylorMade ATV Wedge

The TaylorMade ATV wedge will be your best option when it comes to playing high lofted shots out of any lie on the course. As the name suggests, the TaylorMade ATV will serve you from all terrain, whether you’re on a hill of dirt, right in the fairway, deep in the rough, or buried in the sand.

The large sole of the ATV, complete with its high bounce level is the perfect club for golfers looking to escape difficult ball positions. Additionally, the ATV’s simplistic design will allow beginners to solely focus on the shot at hand so that they can attempt all the wedge shots they want to.

What you’ll like about the TaylorMade ATV Wedge:

  • Perfect for any situation on the golf course
  • Large bounce rate to stop you from digging in the ground with your wedge
  • Ideal grind allows you to get the ball out of any challenging spots on the course

Shop The TaylorMade ATV Wedge


TaylorMade Redline 17 Monte Carlo Putter

The TaylorMade Redline 17 Monte Carlo putter will be a hit amongst golfers of all levels, but especially less experienced golfers, like beginners, who are looking for a product that’ll give the best playing experience possible.

The Redline 17 Monte Carlo stands midway between your typical slim putter clubhead, the blade, and the thicker clubhead of the mallet putter. The half-mallet is the perfect balance between feel and forgiveness allowing you to focus on your favorite putting tips before hitting the ball.

What you’ll like about the TaylorMade Redline 17 Monte Carlo Putter:

  • A larger clubface creates a bigger target to hit the ball off
  • The red-colored face insert provides better feedback through the shaft at impact
  • The half-mallet body allows for decent strikes even on imperfect strokes

Shop The TaylorMade Redline 17 Monte Carlo Putter

Before you go, don't forget that while some specific clubs were listed above, Golf Avenue’s vast online inventory includes many more pre-loved golf clubs that will serve you just as well as the ones listed above, for a price that won’t break the bank!

If you’re looking for more advice on how to build the perfect set of clubs on a budget, be sure to book a call with Golf Avenue’s expert team. They’ll provide expert advice on how to pick the right golf clubs for you.

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