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Louis Pringle
Mar 02, 2022
8 minutes

Welcome to you golfer! Whether you’ve only recently discovered Golf Avenue, or you’ve been trusting us for many years already, we’re delighted to bring you this series dedicated to the latest improvements we’ve made to our platform. Be sure to give this article and the rest of the series a look if you want to learn some more about these new features.

Golf Avenue’s combined cart feature is our latest innovation designed to combine your shopping and trade-in experience in an attempt to simplify the process of upgrading your golf set. The combined cart’s true beauty is that you get to start wherever you want!

To help you get a better idea of how the combined cart works, we’ve decided to break down the process by creating a clear step-by-step showing you how to complete your transaction using it.

Here’s how we broke it down:

    1. How to add your trade-in to your combined cart?
    2. How to add your order to your combined cart?
    3. How to properly complete your transaction?
    4. What comes next?

1. How to add your trade-in to your combined cart?

Let’s start by taking a look at how you’ll be adding the clubs to your trade-in cart. Starting with this stage will allow you to know exactly how much money you could be saving on a possible purchase in the combined cart.

Here’s how you do it:

    1. Visit the Golf Avenue trade-in platform to begin the trade-in stage;
    2. Find the golf clubs you’re looking to trade by combing our database. You can type the exact model of your clubs in the search bar. You can also sort through the clubs by brand, model, and type (driver, wood, hybrid, iron, wedge, or putter) in our drop-down menus;
    3. Fill out the details of the clubs you’re sending for the trade, such as the number of clubs in an iron set and the condition;
    4. Add the clubs to your trade-in cart once you’ve finalized all the details for your clubs;
    5. Apply a trade-in coupon code if you have one;

Once you’ve added your clubs to your trade-in cart, you can move on to the next section where we show you how to add some clubs to your buying cart. If you've already taken care of your shopping cart, then skip to the third section of this article.

Shop All Our Golf Clubs

2. How to add your order to your combined cart?

Now, let’s take a look at how you add the golf clubs you’ve got your eye on to your combined cart. If you already have a club in mind, or you’re looking to find a club before moving with any other stage of the transaction, this is where you’ll want to start.

Here’s how you do it:

    1. Head to the home page of Golf Avenue’s website;
    2. Find the clubs or products you’re looking to purchase. You can either type the exact model you’re looking for in the search bar, otherwise, you can segment your research in all sorts of ways to comb through our selection of clubs;
    3. On the product page, inspect the condition and specs of the clubs to make sure that they correspond to your needs;
    4. Add the products to your cart. In there, you will be able to adjust the desired quantity of a single product; 
    5. If you have one, type in the promotional coupon code to save on your purchase.

Once you’ve added the clubs you’re looking to purchase to your cart, you can move on to the trade-in stage of the transaction (the section above). If that’s taken care of it, then head on over to the next section to complete the transaction.

Get A Quote on Your Set

3. How to properly complete your transaction?

Now that both your carts are complete, it’s time to move on to the final steps of the transaction.

Here’s how you do it:

    1. You’ll first have the option of logging into or creating a Golf Avenue account. It’s the best way to keep track of your transactions. You can nevertheless checkout as a guest user;
    2. Add your shipping information so that we can send ship your order to the right address. This also allows us to create your shipping label to send along with your trade-in package to send us your clubs. If you’re using a different address for your trade-in, be sure to add it as well;
    3. Pick your preferred shipping options, both for your order and your trade-in;
    4. You’ll be offered the option to add insurance to your order. This feature is designed to cover you if something were to happen to your golf clubs on their way to our warehouse;
    5. Pick the methods of payment. At this point, you get to decide on what you do with the money for your trade-in and how you’ll pay for your purchase. If there are any overages on the price of the purchase compared to the price of your trade-in, you’ll also get to pick your preferred method of payment. On the other hand, if your trade-in cart has a higher value than your purchase cart, the remaining balance will be issued to your account in the form of Golf Avenue credit
    6. All there is left for you to do is review your order one more time and confirm your trade-in.

Find Your Next Iron Set

4. What comes next?

Depending on the option you picked to ship your trade-in, you’ll either be waiting on your trade-in package or on your scheduled pick up where the carrier will come and collect your clubs. Your clubs will then make their way to our warehouse where they’ll be carefully processed by our experts.

In the meantime, your order will show up at your door once it is delivered by your designated carrier.

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If at any point in the process you’re having doubts or you need additional help to complete your transaction, you can refer yourself to one of our detailed step-by-step guides for some guidance.

Finally, if you have any more questions or are faced with any issues to which you can’t find any solutions in our guides, be sure to reach out to our customer service team for expert advice.

Until next time,

The Golf Avenue team

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