8 Best Callaway Drivers Under $250

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Nicolas Drozdoski-Richardson
Feb 12, 2024
10 minutes

Callaway drivers are world-renowned, and the quality of their clubs can easily explain their popularity. But getting your hands on the right driver for you is often difficult, and that is all the truer when you’re restricted by a specific budget. One of the best solutions to save when shopping for a new driver is to consider buying used golf clubs, but we’ve got more pointers for you.

To help you out in your quest to find the best Callaway driver for your budget, we had Nick, one of our in-house experts and a PGA of Canada certified professional, come up with a list of the 8 best Callaway drivers under $250.

Top 8 Callaway Drivers Under $250:

  1. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver – Best for golfers struggling with a slice
  2. Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver – Suited to skilled golfers looking for low spin
  3. Callaway Epic Max LS Driver – Perfect for golfers with fast swing speeds needing forgiveness
  4. Callaway Rogue Driver – Fits the needs of beginners and less-experienced golfers
  5. Callaway Epic Flash Driver – Fully rounded driver suited to any skill level
  6. Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver – Ideal blend of forgiveness and draw-bias
  7. Callaway Epic Speed Driver – Recommended for golfers with faster swing speeds
  8. Callaway XR16 Driver – Complete package for less-experienced players

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1. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 stood out to me as the club felt balanced and comfortable, almost inviting me to take a swing. The blue carbon fiber weave on the crown is a sight to behold, adding a modern touch to the club's aesthetics. The club’s distinctive triangular shape is quite common for Callaway drivers as it closely resembles the Big Bertha Fusion.

The club shows a strong draw bias near the heel, which will help to correct the ball trajectory of golfers who struggle with a slice. It’s actually one of the best drivers to fix a slice when you’re looking at Callaway’s lineage of clubs.

The adjustable hosel also allows you to customize the club to your liking. The club’s performance impressed me, even in a higher loft setting than my usual one. The ball speeds were comparable with other drivers I've tested with the club face set to a lower loft angle.

However, the offset look might not suit everyone's visual tastes. Also, the driver's draw bias, while beneficial for those who slice, could be a limitation for golfers who naturally draw the ball or whose bad shot is a hook.

In terms of performance, the Big Bertha B21 driver delivers straight distance, low spin, and excellent forgiveness. But don't expect it to cure your slice completely. It took me some time to figure out how to hit the driver, but once I did, I was hitting drives straight down the fairway.

In conclusion, the Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver is a well-rounded club that offers a blend of forgiveness and performance. It's not without its quirks, but if you're struggling with a slice, this driver is definitely worth a swing.

My takeaways after testing the Big Bertha B21 driver:

  • Offset near hosel to promote a draw bias on golf ball trajectories
  • Adjustable hosel to adjust the launch conditions to suit your swing
  • Provides plenty of forgiveness which is sure to please less experienced golfers

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2. Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver

The club has a certain heft to it, a solid feel that gives you confidence as you address the ball. The tall club face as well as its round, symmetrical, and compact club head immediately stood out to me. The head is slightly smaller – 450cc – than the legal limit, but this is barely noticeable.

The first detail that I noticed upon swinging the club was the improved sound at impact compared to Epic Flash. The Mavrik Sub Zero driver is much quieter than its predecessor on impact and the sound is much deeper in pitch. It's a satisfying sound, one that makes you feel like you've hit the ball just right.

The Mavrik Sub Zero driver is fitted with two interchangeable weights – one is 2 grams, the other 14 grams. This gives you the chance to swap them to adjust the feel of the club. I found that when I switched them out, there was a slight difference in feel that was not uncomfortable.

Now, let's talk about performance. Once again for Callaway, the story of this driver centers around the club’s face. Callaway went all in with their AI investments to create an even better club face. The result is the Flash Face SS20, designed to optimize the speed of the ball across a larger part of the club face. This is paired with a FS2S Titanium, a face material upgrade which is 6 grams lighter than traditional titanium.

There are a few things to consider before getting your hands on it. While the Mavrik Sub Zero is a great driver, it's not for everyone. It's the Max and regular Mavrik models are more forgiving, and it's not ideal for golfers who normally struggle to get their ball up in the air. And while I had a hard time appreciating the orange accents, some golfers will find it to their liking.

In conclusion, the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero driver is a wise choice for skilled players in the market for a forgiving driver, that produces lower spin rates and offers more control over the golf ball than the other two versions. It's a club that requires a certain level of skill to fully take advantage of, but if you have that skill, it's a joy to play with.

My takeaways after testing the Mavrik Sub Zero driver:

  • Perfectly suited to golfers with a complete skillset off the tee
  • Designed to optimize ball feel at impact, giving you more control over the ball
  • Features a slightly smaller clubhead profile than most modern drivers

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3. Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

The first thing I noticed when you picked up the Callaway Epic Max LS was its larger footprint compared to previous models like the Mavrik MAX or the Epic Flash. This larger clubhead size is designed to provide more forgiveness, a feature that I found to be quite beneficial during my test. Even on off-center hits, the club was able to maintain a decent level of performance, keeping my shots in play more often than not.

The Epic Max LS features a wider club face, providing you with more forgiveness at impact. I found that I was able to produce long and consistent drivers, some were even longer than my gamer. It’s not the first time we’re highlighting the Epic Max LS as it was one of the drivers featured in our list of the 9 best drivers under $300.

In terms of technology, the Epic Max LS is packed with innovations. It features Callaway’s new A.I. Jailbreak Speed Frame, the Flash Face SS21, a staple of their, and lightweight Triaxial carbon materials. These features work together to provide more ball speed and improved stability, which I certainly noticed during my time with the club.

In terms of reservations, I did have a bit of an issue with one aspect of the Epic Max LS. While Callaway has managed to keep the spin relatively low, there are lower spinning options out on the market if minimizing spin is your top priority.

Overall, the Callaway Epic Max LS driver is a well-rounded club that offers a great balance of distance, forgiveness, and low spin. It’s perfectly suited for golfers with decent to high swing speed levels looking to take their game off the tee to another level while retaining a bit of forgiveness or experienced golfers looking to build their golf bag on a budget.

My takeaways after testing the Epic Max LS driver:

  • Perfectly suited to mid-handicappers looking for a blend of speed and forgiveness at impact
  • Large clubhead design to provide more confidence at address
  • Adjustable track at the back of the sole to optimize the club to your swing

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4. Callaway Rogue Driver

The first thing that struck me with the Callaway Rogue driver is its stability. There is a distinct sensation that makes it feel as if no impact feels like a mishit. Its ball speed and the range of its dispersion were impressive, which speaks to the club's excellent forgiveness. Callaway’s Jailbreak Technology consists of titanium bars that help to reinforce the crown and the sole of the club. This allows for greater flexibility of the club at impact, which in turn allows it to increase ball speed and distance.

The Rogue also features a Triaxial Carbon Crown, designed to make the club both lighter and stronger. This crown was the largest of any Callaway drivers to that point, giving the club a larger and longer look when you're standing over the ball. This will contribute to reinforcing some players’ confidence at address.

Now, let's talk about the sound and feel. After a few swings, I noticed that the club was producing a bit of an untraditional sound – something more akin to hollow metallic parts coming into contact. Hits in the sweet spot, on the other hand, produce a resounding thud, that every golfer looks for at impact. This is how the Rogue provides feedback on your impact, rather than distinct vibrations through the shaft.

On the downside, the Rogue is a bit limited in the adjustability department but does feature an adjustable hosel which allows you to tweak the loft and lie angle. This might be a trade-off for some golfers who prefer more customization options.

In conclusion, the Callaway Rogue driver is a well-rounded club that offers great stability, impressive ball speed, and excellent forgiveness. However, its lack of adjustability might be a drawback for some golfers. It's a club that's worth trying out for yourself to see if it suits your game.

My takeaways after testing the Rogue driver:

  • A very stable driver throughout impact makes for more consistent ball flights
  • Clubhead shows a massive footprint at address which can give confidence to beginners or less-experienced golfers
  • Provides audible feedback on impact regarding the quality of your strike

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5. Callaway Epic Flash Driver

As soon as I first had the Callaway Epic Flash driver in my hands, it felt like a promise of power and precision, a perfect blend of technology and design. The first thing that caught my eye was the dynamic marriage between the green and yellow color scheme. It certainly stands out on the course.

The Epic Flash driver is a leader when it comes to forgiveness. The Flash Face is a revolutionary technology that Callaway created using supercomputers, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. This innovative design helps to improve ball speed and overall distance.

You’ll notice its distinctive sound when you swing the Epic Flash. It's a satisfying impact sound that will suit most golfers. It's not too high-pitched or not too low. It’s just right. It sounds fast and explosive without producing an overwhelming sound at impact.

The feel of the club is also impressive. The head is incredibly still at impact, but it will nevertheless provide you with a lot of feedback. You can really feel where the ball hits the club face, which helps in adjusting your swing.

Now, let's talk about the performance. The Epic Flash driver combines three staples of Callaway technologies: the Flash Face, the Jailbreak technology, and lighter carbon fiber elements in the crown – helping you produce long strikes, even when you’re struggling with your swing.

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. The Sub-Zero models emits a high-pitched sound that might not be suited for all golfers. It’s also quite limited in the adjustability department when compared to some past and future models from Callaway.

In conclusion, the Callaway Epic Flash driver is a solid choice for golfers who value forgiveness and distance. It's a testament to what can be achieved when technology and design come together. But like any club, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. As always, I recommend trying it out for yourself to see if it suits your game.

My takeaways after testing the Epic Flash driver:

  • Provides high levels of forgiveness, that beginners and moderately skilled golfers will love
  • Great feel for the ball at impact through shaft vibrations, despite its stillness at impact
  • Amalgamation of some of Callaway’s best innovations, for longer and straighter strikes

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6. Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

The first thing that stuck out to me with the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic is its aesthetics. Its look at address should please most as the crown transitions from a gloss black to carbon fiber. The clubhead profile is round and symmetrical, giving it an ergonomic look that soothes most players.

When it comes to performance, the Great Big Bertha Epic truly lives up to its name. This driver is fitted with Callaway’s iconic Jailbreak technology, which installs two metal bars behind the club face to optimize the connection between the sole and the top of the face. This allows for more flexibility of the clubface, while also creating more load impact and a powerful spring for the ball. The Jailbreak’s advantage is noticeable across the clubface as mishits are still impressive.

Plus, the club features an adjustable weight track system at the back of the sole, allowing you to customize the launch settings to generate your preferred ball flight. On top of the track, the hosel is also adjustable allowing golfers to fiddle with their launch and lie angles.

However, there are some minor considerations to look out for. One potential downside is the draw bias of the GBBE. This won’t be an asset to all players and might cause some issues for players who already play off a natural draw as it would exaggerate their outside-to-inside ball trajectory.

Overall, the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic driver is a fantastic club that offers impressive distance and speed gains. But like any golf club, it's not one-size-fits-all. It's always best to try it out for yourself and see if it fits your game.

My takeaways after testing the Great Big Bertha Epic driver:

  • Produces impressive ball speeds at impact thanks to Callaway’s signature Jailbreak technology
  • The adjustable weight track allows you to customize the club to your feel
  • Features an important draw bias, ideal for golfers looking to counter a slice

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7. Callaway Epic Speed Driver

The beautifully round shape of the slightly toe-centric crown of the Epic Speed was the first thing that caught my eye with this one. The top of the clubhead nicely blends the carbon fiber weave construction with the glossy black finish. The sole has much more going on including the Jailbreak dots at the front near the club face and the Speed band designation running along the width of the sole.

When it comes to sound and feel, the Epic Speed driver produces somewhat a high-pitched “ting” at impact, akin to metal striking iron. While it may be unique, this sound is not overwhelming and is consistent across the club’s face. Speaking of the club face, it felt very stable through impact, giving it an extra sense of precision.

Performance-wise, the Epic Speed driver is a go-to if forgiveness is what you’re after. The stable club face and the consistent sound at impact make it feel as if the sweet spot is endless and my experience with the club suggests the same.

However, there are a few things to keep an eye on before closing the deal. Spin and launch were personally on the low side for me, which had an impact on my carry distance. This could be a downside for golfers who struggle with low launch or spin rates.

In conclusion, the Callaway Epic Speed driver is a high-performing, aesthetically pleasing club with a few minor drawbacks. I've enjoyed using it and I recommend it to golfers looking for forgiveness and speed in their drives.

My takeaways after testing the Epic Speed driver:

  • A go-to for golfers looking to optimize their forgiveness levels
  • Low spin levels that will call to golfers with faster swing speeds
  • Very stable throughout impact, resulting in straighter trajectories

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8. Callaway XR16 Driver

The Callaway XR16 driver is a club that immediately stood out to me. It sports a slightly raised crown above the club face, the Speed Step, complete with a dark matte-black finish. The Speed Step is framed by pointing lines which give the club an aerodynamic and fast look.

The XR16 driver produces a resounding cracking sound upon impact. Strikes in the sweet spot sound will be rewarded, both through feel at impact and audibly. Off-centre strikes tend to produce a hollow sound that accentuates as you get away from the sweet spot. This auditory feedback is quite useful for a game improvement driver.

In terms of performance, the XR16 driver is anything but slow. I was swinging freely, without putting much effort behind the strikes, and I was still producing impressive club and ball speed numbers. As from its undeniable speed, the club excels at providing forgiveness and limiting spin levels. The XR16 is not the lowest-spinning model on the market, but it will produce penetrating strikes with a decent roll.

However, some points need to be addressed. The longer stock shaft tends to reduce the accuracy of many players off the tee. This could be a downside for golfers who struggle with control. The club sports a clear draw-bias, which will be perfectly suited for golfers who tend to hit a slice. If you’re already a drawer of the golf ball, or if you’re struggling with hooks, you’ll want to look at the XR16 Pro.

In conclusion, the Callaway XR16 driver is a high-performing, aesthetically pleasing club with a few minor drawbacks. I recommend it to golfers looking for speed and forgiveness in their drives.

My takeaways after testing the XR16 driver:

  • Perfectly suited for beginners, or less-experienced players, looking for a blend of forgiveness and low spin rates
  • Its draw bias will please any golfer struggling with a slice off the tee
  • The look of the crown should help with confidence and alignment at address

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That completes Nick’s picks of the 8 best Callaway drivers under $250. The clubs listed above are a blend of high performance, highly forgiving, and speed breaking drivers. Nick made his choices based on availability, affordability, and with the objective of helping as many golfers as possible.

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Of course, some of these picks might not be perfectly suited to your needs or you might have a hard time deciding which one is the best for you. If that is your case, you should check out our Club Finder tool. It will help you find the right driver for you! If you prefer a more personalized and interactive approach you can also book a call with Nick or any of our experts. They’ll provide you with options for your needs and even more key information to make an informed decision!

Until next time,

The Golf Avenue team

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