Tommy Armour 845 SILVER SCOT (GREY FINISH) Fairway Wood

Tommy Armour 845 SILVER SCOT (GREY FINISH) Fairway Wood
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Tommy Armour 845 SILVER SCOT (GREY FINISH) Fairway Wood

Condition Guide


Only clubs rated 10 for our three categories will qualify for the new rating - the head, shaft, and grip will all be rated ten, brand new, and in the wrapper.

Used certified

Clubs sold as used with the “ready-to-play” certification will have a rating of less than 10 on our rating guide, but have all been thoroughly inspected by our experts. It can be anywhere between:

  • Like New - New, not in wrapper, un-used
  • Excellent - Minimal use, max. 4-5 rounds
  • Very Good - Used, in great condition, with no damage
  • Good - Used, with some cosmetic damage that do not affect club’s performance
  • Fair - Heavily used, with some cosmetic damage, but still playable with good performance regardless.

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