Our goal at Golf Avenue is to help you embrace the sport as much as possible, which is why we've filled our Golf Tips section with complete guides and insightful suggestions to help guide you along your golf journey. From pro tips to top 10 lists, there’s something for everyone!

Struggling with your irons? Here's our beginner's guide on how to practice your iron shots and swing with some easy iron drills and tips for high handicappers.

Our in-house PGA of Canada professional, Nicolas Drozdoski-Richardson, is here to help with some easy irons drills for you and beginners to practice your strikes.

What clothes should you wear to golf? What about during spring, summer, fall, and winter? Find out what to wear in our seasonal guide on how to dress for golf.

Want to know how to make the most money for your golf clubs? We’ve got four essential tips for you to try out!

Our tips will help you get your golf clubs back to their glory days of shining beauty, no matter if they’re a day old or pre-loved.

Our in-house PGA of Canada professional, Nicolas Drozdoski-Richardson, offers insightful tips to help you avoid that early season rust.

A good day with the driver will make a huge difference on the scorecard. Our team came up with easy five drills to help you find more fairways than ever!

Spring is upon us and so is the next golf season. Find out what to wear, accessories you need, and other golf tips on how to prepare for this year's golf course.

We have five essentials exercises for you to avoid injuries when you return to the course!

Returning to the course after a long break can be difficult. Keep your back fresh and ready with these five key back stretches for golf players!

Hitting the right wedge shot at the right time can make all the difference on your scorecard. Learn how to use them in the right situation.

Discover the essential keys to gaining some major distance off the tee while taking care of your body!