Golf Tips

Our goal at Golf Avenue is to help you embrace the sport as much as possible, which is why we've filled our Golf Tips section with complete guides and insightful suggestions to help guide you along your golf journey. From pro tips to top 10 lists, there’s something for everyone!

Can't get the ball to land near the hole? Here's the five best short game drills to practice at the range and add to your routine. Perfect your wedge swing now!

Golf Avenue has the perfect fitness plan for golfers looking to improve their game! Complete with a warm up phase, weight training and workout routine.

Just bought your first hybrid club and not sure how to use it? No worries! Learn 5 easy tips for beginners on how to improve your hybrid skills for your next round.

Need some help on how to hit a fairway wood? Follow these five easy exercises & tips any beginner can practice so you stop topping your ball off the fairway!

Looking to adjust your golf game for the season transition from summer to fall? Find here the best tips to improve your technique and habits on the golf course!

Struggling with your short game when it’s time to take out your wedge? Here are 5 beginner’s tips on how to hit a wedge to stop your short game from inflating!

Having trouble choosing between a putter or a wedge when close to the green? Let's compare the two and help you find which club works best for your short game!

Looking for ways to stop the sweat dripping from your head to your toes during Golf Days? Here’s 10 tips to enjoy your golf course by handling the extreme hot heat!

Looking for a better putting technique for beginners? Here’s 5 tips to help you learn how to constantly hit short putts and keep a low scorecard on the green!

Looking for how to consistently hit a fairway wood? Here are 5 beginner tips for your ball positioning, loft angle, tee-based shot, ground shot and stance!

Need help on how to hit a golf driver? Here’s 5 easy tips to guide you on your swing stance, grip, posture and choosing a driver to give you consistent hits.

Trying to find solutions to fix your most frustrating golfer problems and upgrade your game? Find out more about the most common ones and how to fix them.